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"We believe in the power of healing, through therapeutic, effective design, and systems that bring results. We will only deliver the best product."

- Wojciech Chalcarz, CEO

If you are looking to build a Salt Cave in North America, we are here to help you. To ensure all required therapeutic properties are present according to our standard regulations. There are a few particular attributes to the design of the cave that cause it to be, as a whole, considered therapeutic. We guarantee full support from the initial design set up of the room, to the purchase of your first salt generator which includes a full instructional tutorial and maintenance.

We will provide a personal Salt Cave staff information tutorial before opening. We will help with the purchase and installation of all the salt water cascades. We are here to help every step of the way to ensure your complete satisfaction. We build therapeutic salt caves, not just salt relaxation rooms.

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Why Salt Caves?

Here are some of our favourite reasons to start your project with us

  • Recognized by the Canadian Halotherapy Association

    Salt Caves Canada Inc. in part is recognized by the Canadian Halotherapy Association for its standards of building and executing the proper type of therapy application within its Salt Caves specifically the Healing Salt Caves®. Through an audit, documented in a report the CHA has verified that the business fulfills quality management requirements of the standards of True Therapeutic Properties in the construction of it's salt caves. Each Salt Cave has been inspected and supplied with a certificate of recognition by the Canadian Halotherapy Association.

  • Fully Implemented Spelotherapy & Halotherapy

    Building a Salt Cave is a very complicated process, it is not a matter of a 1-3 day project, and requires thorough preparation of the facility and the room design in order to offer clients the highest quality of therapy possible. Our Salt Caves implement a specific micro-climate similar to the underground salt mine in Poland. Unlike other caves or "salt rooms" which claim to recreate the climate with only "Dry Salt Aerosol" which the salt mine no longer offers; we design our climates rich with minerals such as iodine, with the proper environmental control which few salt caves can claim.

  • Halogenerator has a Medical Device License

    The Salsano Halogenerator we carry is one of the few Class 2A Medical Device Halogenerators on the market designed and manufactured in Poland where Halotherapy started. By 2017/2018 it will also have a North American accepted Medical Device Certificate authenticated with an ISO certification. The efficacy of the generator surpass many of the other generators seen on the market for creating particles smaller than 2 micro-meters using an extremely minimal amount of salt for a full session.

  • Canadian Company with local offices & representatives

    With over 5 years experience, building, designing, installing and operating salt caves in Canada and US we are proud of our commitment to developing the local market. Our locally established business provides clients with the security of adequate communication and convenient neighboring business relationship. Clients are satisfied with a guarantee for their product and reassurance of available maintenance and thorough instruction and feedback for running the constructed salt cave effectively.

  • Salt Caves, Wellness Centers & More!

    With the proper direction and support Salt Caves Canada Inc. is able to guide interested parties to creating much more than just a Salt Cave business. Based on thorough knowledge of Wellness Centers, popular therapies in Europe and Ministry of Health recognized Health Resorts in Poland, we are able to assist clients in developing their dream into a larger picture of what can be accomplished in a wellness facilities.

  • Noteable Experience In Business & Construction

    Over 25 years experience in the business of Interior Decorating & Design, Construction & Renovation and over 5 years experience in the Wellness Center market. Finding the best possible quality design for the best price without over spending has been a top priority for all our clients. Wojciech Chalcarz -the Director and main Salt Cave Builder has been named a "Master of his craft", a "man with vision", and someone with a taste for a higher standard of therapy and of course the "Salt Aficionado"

We will build you the perfect salt cave!

We can also provide consultations for creating wellness facilities and hollistic spas!

An effective salt cave through therapeutic properties requires all of the following:

Separate Air Tight Room

Medical Device Halogenerator

Salt Water Cascades

Separate Humidity Control

Separate Temperature Control

UV Light for Antiseptic Environment

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    Imported Salt Rocks

    We start each room with the best materials to create unique one-of-kind facilities.

  • Portfolio2 ab2e2c4b65d346be4940958b4dcf99ae618266b61b6441f2ad4861779575e173

    Hamilton, Ontario

    Our most recent Healing Salt Cave in Hamilton, Ontario

  • Portfolio3 bf2ced2a1de0db451fd69caa06dec7f924df8b2d5508cb8d7631205c4d594599

    Niagara Falls, Ontario

    A Healing Salt Cave experience that we designed and installed in Niagara Falls, Canada

  • Portfolio4 a3e5be0ce36b804c374af334082e4bfd244c12cc933e5bb863b5b3acf83e5035

    Uxbridge, Ontario

    A recent Healing Salt Cave project in Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada

  • Portfolio5 cba2a70cff5526281b58c84c0f5875e7f562fad45fe611fea865b54dfd9b681f

    Toronto, Ontario

    Healing Salt Cave created in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • Portfolio6 b06c838e8174c9896ae40c5ec5c13192de7c9cb103c83a8a788cd06cde97e685

    Vermont, USA

    A design and installation that we did for Vermont Salt Cave & Halotherapy Center

  • Portfolio7 82fa4c02eef5fce0d195c2f1171e068c943b95ebafac0d8ff125e66bce2d6120

    Salt Generator

    Salsano salt generators turn salt rocks into tiny particals of air-born salt. This cycles throughout the room to create a healing environment.

  • Portfolio8 12c4cad703caa566cf7e75734d19aa701106422eb528bba866127e9e98330b5a

    Salsano Generator

    We are partnered with Salsano to install and teach you how to use their top of the line generators with every build.

Salt Caves & Halogenerators

Our Salt Caves are made of 100% Pure Polish Pink Salt, and our generator is manufactured where Halotherapy originated from, of course, Poland. We are proud of the countries heritage and incorporate the history of the therapy into each and every single Salt Cave we build. From start to finish the project is entirely collaborative between the main Salt Cave Builder, and the Client. Each salt cave we build is different from the last, and are completely custom design based on the clients vision and the builders direction and suggestion.

Wellness Centres

After having visited many wellness centres and health resorts throughout Poland and other parts of Europe, Salt Caves Canada Inc. and its leaders have developed a strong recognition and understanding for popular treatments and therapies from the east. Interpreting depands from the eastern europe and other parts of the world Salt Caves Canada Inc. has been able to effectively pre-determine up and coming demands and opportunities before they are even available on the market in North America.

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Our Team

Every member of our team has spent years polishing their knowledge of salt caves

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Wojciech Chalcarz


Coming from history of entrepreneurial businesses, this will now be his second individual business venture. Starting his first business in the 90’s when he first came to Canada Mr. Chalcarz has recognized an emerging trend in Europe, and had decided to build the very first truly real ‘Salt Cave’.

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Patryk Chalcarz


After Graduating Mohawk College with three diplomas in the Marketing, and Business Administration programs, Patryk now spearheads his dads’ marketing department. He is hoping to drive the business to the top of the market for Holistic Therapy Treatments and people with respiratory problems throughout North America.

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Email: info@saltcavescanada.com

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